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List of Flex Frameworks for Flex RIA developers

Here is a list of  implemented Flex frameworks that can be used for Flex RIA developments.


Open Source Pattern-Based Rich Internet Application (RIA) Framework for the Flash Platform.


Lightweight micro-architecture for Rich Internet Applications built in Flex or AIR. A collaboration of recognized design patterns, Cairngorm exemplifies and encourages best-practices for RIA development advocated by Adobe Consulting, encourages best-practice leverage of the underlying Flex framework, while making it easier for medium to large teams of software engineers deliver medium to large scale, mission-critical Rich Internet Applications.

Flest Framework

An ActionScript3 / Flex application framework for building enterprise level RIAs. It uses such design pattern as Controller, Factory, Command, etc. High efficiency, simplicity and practicality were set as its mandatory design features.


An ActionScript 3 / Java framework designed for Flex applications development. Its design is based on several design patterns, and includes tools built to resolve some of the recurrent Flex2 / Flex3 development issues : Model-View sync, screen-browsing, Access-Control Lists (currently in development), localization and labels externalization, etc. originally, we (ServeBox) created it to respond to our customers development needs. It is now available as an open-source project under Apache-style license, so you can use it for commercial and/or open-source projects.

Guasax Flex Framework

An ease of use programming framework to provide ordered and scalable Flex applications.
Life cycle of guasax framework is based in the MVC pattern to take on our program actions

Model-Glue: Flex

It brings implicit invocation, Model-View-Controller design, and cleaner, less repetitive integration with backend services to Flex 2.0 and AIR applications.


A lightweight framework for creating applications based upon the classic Model-View-Controller design meta-pattern.


Some more tools like Adobe FAST, EasyMVCand Joeberkovitz’s framework are worth to try. There also a few other none-UI frameworks and tools to help out Flex developers,  FlexLib , AS3CoreLibFlexUnit and Granite DS.



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