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RunMe: program launcher with special effects

RunMe is a free program launcher that can dock into sides of screen and invoked by mouse-over. It is similar to Windows' start menu in its look and feel, It supports special effects, animation, transparency and nice skins.

Here is a list of good features of this program:

  • Supported elements : includes program shorcuts, groups, Control Panel, My Computer, Recycle bin, Run prompt,  Separators, Show desktop,Restart/Shut Down/Standby, and a handful of other elements.
  • Dock: this can be invoked by a mouse over. It can be placed on the left, right side, or top edges of your screen or dragged and dropped for optimum placement.
  • Animation & transparency: you can customize the way it behaves and looks in the settings (e.g. how you want it to behave when you mouse over, degree of transparency, change the color, sound if any, whether or not to display glow, zoom, or bounce effects, etc.) 
  • Skins: RunMe comes with a handful of skins that mostly are very good looking. you can download more skins here
  • Icons: you can change the icons of any element. RunMe will open individual icon files (.ICO, .PNG) or libraries (.DLL, .ICL) as well as grab icons from .EXE files.
  • Drag and drop: shortcuts can simply be dragged into the launcher in order to be added to the list. You can re-order items by dragging them around while pressing Shift (and, while pressing Shift, you can remove them altogether if you drag them out of the launcher).
  • Windows Start menu replacement: it is possible to use RunMe in place of  Windows Start menu. You can activate this in the settings. This will work in Windows 2000 and XP.


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