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Png2swf: convert PNG images to flash SWF file form

Png2swf  is a free program that can takes a number of png files and converts them to a swf movie. Creating a Flash file is never easy than using this one. just put your PNG files with desired motion and then just a click on convert and it's all done. If you need to convert PNG images to flash animations or if you need a simple, quick way to create flash SWF animations or banners, this program can be extremely useful.

To get this program you will need to register on the site to get access to the download links, which involves providing a valid email address that can receive and confirm registration. Here are key features of this program:

  • Input: It use PNG format images as input, the transparency in the original PNG will be preserved. You can use a single image or multiple images that will be displayed in succession within the resulting SWF.
  • Delay: when using multiple images it is possible to set delay between them either through the delay field in the program dialog (in seconds) or the FPS field (frame per seconds).
  • Output quality: output quality can be customized,  reducing the quality factor can significantly reduce file size.
  • Batch mode: on batch mode you can create SWF from each PNG in the input file list.
  • Console version: you can download a console version that provides the ability to perform PNG to SWF conversions through the command line.


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